Baker Street, Part 2

“Low-key guilt: That feeling that creeps in when we take time to chill. Familiar, Christopher? 3 ways to own ‘the art of staying in’”

“Light in your head and dead on your feet / Well, another crazy day / The sun is shining, it’s a new morning / And you’re going, you’re going home”

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil,
and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)”
Almost…there… by all means, continue. No, I’m serious. CONTINUE.scorpdk: “Stream Sketch – Almost…there… by all means, continue. No, I’m serious. CONTINUE. O_O; ”


I missed the Party 064

Until I remembered, “Billy Joel coming to Kauffman Stadium September 21st,” I’d wonder why my boss was off Friday.

Fortunately, later 94.9 KCMO was broadcasting the live show with “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” “Piano Man,” “It’s still Rock And Roll to Me,” and ended with “You May Be Right

“You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence, (Psalms 16:11)
there is the fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
— Drawing one of my favorite Disney kitties.Jessie🌸 on Twitter: “Drawing one my favorite Disney kitty.”

You Should Be Dancing

On the Road to Friendship,” which aired Saturday, reminded me of those traveling episodes from Family Guy and “Caramelldansen with 26 ponies! (All Ponies Dancing by DesignJH; ‘Caramelldansen’ by Supergott; THE ORDER: Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity)”

“O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant,
and to the prayer of your servants who delight to fear your name,
and give success to your servant today,
and grant him mercy in the sight of this man.
‘Now I was cupbearer to the king.’ (Nehemiah 1:11)”
On the Road to Friendship“On the Road to Friendship” drawings, I spent pretty…Animation fanarts

Since she knew someone in the cast, Ronni and I went to The Arts Asylum to see ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ which affected us in different wasys; she recalled loss and I was thinking about lost love. Later, I visisted Denton and Hannah.

Endless Eight VIII

‘Cause Saturday night’s the night I like The Original Country Gold where today was songs with a number in the title because of the date.

More importantly, I visited David in the hospital, whose severe respiratory infection started about three weeks ago, and he was yesterday moved from the Intensive Care Unit. “While we spoke of many things,” he said to me, “You should see Honest Trailers – ‘Avengers: Infinity’,” and I suggested ‘Half in the Bag Episode 150: Comic Con 2018 Trailers

“The religion that is pure and undefiled before God,
the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and
to keep oneself unstained from the world. (James 1:27)”
Rara [Free Print Download!] by ImdrunkonteaRara [Free Print Download!] by Imdrunkontea

“This episode features the 15,532nd loop of the summer. It is the last episode in the Endless Eight arc. To prevent Haruhi from leaving, Kyon says that he needs to finish his homework. He tells all the members to meet at his place to do their homework together. September 1st arrives and everything is back to normal. Kyon and Itsuki play poker and discuss the meaning of the previous several thousand time loops.”

Toward flecked, Summary of Improv Goals 041

“Although it’s been said many times,
Politics is just about virtue signaling for or against Trump now’.”

  1. Politics is not considered the polite conversation.
  2. I know little about the issues to discuss them calmly or avoid ad hominem.
  3. I am on the opposite side of the debate on most issues.
  4. I do not like being wrong or being made a fool.
  5. I would rather keep friends and be respectful.

Every time I look into a monitor, Prime, my circuits sizzle,” which sounds like a personal problem, I lost a friend with whom I tried to argue recently.
Another friend who once directed me in improvisational theater shared, “In case any of you still had doubts, ‘Trump and Putin vs. America’,” so I replied honestly, “This opinion piece will not change my opinion.”
“There are lots of other sources,” he responded.
“Thank you, John, you continue to demonstrate why you have my respect and admiration. And I was saying to myself today around 3 this afternoon, how I wish I had taken debate and forensics in high school.”

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial,
for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life,
which God has promised to those who love him. (James 1:12)”
Riley: the first pic with my new Cintiq

“Orange CHEETOS® man threw our country under the bus,” another friend began, “What are you going to do about it?”
“The popularity of Chester the Cheetah and public transportation could both be a bit overestimated,” I mean, “I don’t know how many people take the bus, but I think in most more populated areas where the infrastructure is robust, most people choose the subway, commuter rail, or the Bay Area rapid transit system. Around here, I realize a lot of those decisions are made as part of the Mid-America Regional Council, but a lot of the streetcars were taken out in the sixties and I haven’t had a chance personally to ride what currently exists from downtown to the River Market, but I guess if it makes Scott Parks happy, then it can’t be that bad.”

Postscript to Experiment 656

Meeting a friend at Firehouse Subs in Ward Parkway Center is rescheduled to Sunday due to rain although he did ask if I wanted to meet later today. 102.5 Jack FM was playing “Fool in the Rain,” as I was leaving home.

“‘Enter by the narrow gate.
For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction,
and those who enter by it are many.
For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life,
and those who find it are few.’ (Matthew 7:13-14)”
coke in a glass bottle is my fav summertime treatRileyAV coke in a glass bottle is my fav summertime treat

The Endless Eight Ripping Friends

Politics is just about virtue signaling for or against Trump now,” while some say he is a Word of the Day from – makebate – Archaic. a person who causes contention or discord:

Honestly, I haven’t listened to 96.5 The Buzz in a while and I’ve seen even less from their page on Facebook since the new algorithms, but they’re giving away hot dogs at a protest when Vice President Pence is visiting tomorrow, so no more following that page.

The music played by 96.5 The Buzz is not dissimilar from X 105.3, to whom I also haven’t listened much because they’re among my second group of preset stations to which I only turn when 94.9 KCMO starts to play Christmas music.
National Strawberry Sundae Day BAT! by Krash42National Strawberry Sundae Day BAT! by Krash42