Olive my Love 

After lunch with my friend Ronni at the Holy Land Cafe, we ran an errand, and I became irritable, which could have been the carbohydrates, and my mother had to deal with something similar. Of course, I could have just been upset that we had to go to a second store.

10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because…
Diabetes and Depression – The Vicious Cycle & How to Treat Depression

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)”

Sanctuary by PucksterV on DeviantArt


The Daze of Our Lives

Stop at SONIC for a $0.79 Small Ice Cream Slush.

I should not have gotten a Small Ice Cream Slush;
one bite was richer than buttercream frosting,
and I had a bad diabetic episode later, like the void, man.
Horse breath
Horse breath by illumnious on DeviantArt

Postscript to Experiment 626

Yes, much time should be required to reach the number, wildly removed from sequence, for this post, and I liken the situation to the Gumpert Apollo, driven by Richard Hammond on Top Gear.

“Don’t mess with the standard settings, although optional; you’re only going to make things worse.”

Ford Motor Company, who today débuted a new Ford Mustang, and once considered a proposed replacement for the third generation.
Race Queen, our Honda CR-Z GT is out of the raceThe … so I’ve heard is of rubble | Sunday raybar Higashiyu 01b [pixiv]

“36 I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, 37 for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned. (Matthew 12:36-37)”

Jack Shedd has known Denton longer than I, and coined a name for Denton’s first improv troupe, “Betty Ford’s First Project,” and noted that making connections inside scenes was my forté: I bring together a character from Disney, and another from South Park, and one off the Mazda 6; as my family watches Crocodile Dundee II, I find that I now share the sentiments of Family Guy.

“I want to see more of him and then suddenly none of him… forever.”

In Egocentric Universe: What do You do for Money, Honey?, I could not lie; if my line of credit from the REDcard had not recently increased, then I would not have been able buy groceries, from which I make sandwiches, and one for after my shift, because I have to eat every two hours.

Chocolate Frosted Doughnut w/ Sprinkles

Sometime this week, my type-II diabetes will have been managed for six months. Who knows how long I may have been diabetic, but I finally had the blood test that my doctor wanted for me to get. Interpreting the results, a different doctor said, “Yep, you’re diabetic.”

I received Dr Pepper for Christmas last year

A good and trusted friend since 1993, Denton has a diabetic father, and I have looked to him as a source of advice. When I asked if I could have a sports drink, he said, “You can only drink four things: coffee, milk, tea, and water.”

I no longer drink soda, or diet soda. I rarely eat desserts. I hardly even miss them. Dunkin Donuts, who thankfully also has plain cake doughnuts, had an image of a chocolate frosted doughnut with sprinkles today, which inspired this post.

My mother has type-I diabetes and my father has type-II, so I have a family history of diabetes, and cause to be concerned about my future. We all had angel food cake and strawberries for my birthday this year.

At its height, my weight was 313 pounds; it now between 285 and 290 pounds. My friend David has been an inspiration; he has lost 60 pounds this year by walking regularly and lifting some weights.

In my confusion about salads and their being a way to save on carbohydrates, Denton replied, “Anything that’s not meat is a carb.”

Ever so slowly, my diet, my body and my image of myself will likely change and become more positive. At least, I am trying.