The art of Andy Price

On Twitter, many of the talented people involved in the production of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can be found, which include the artists who produce the current comic books, like Mr. Andy Price, who found personal inspiration when creating a pet for Princess Luna.

“But, as it is written, ‘What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him’ — (1 Corinthians 2:9)”


Humor vampirism 004

My need to be technically correct, the best kind of correct, sometimes sucks away my own humor:

The umlaut shows correctly in your comment, David. Like in the following, an umlaut may also be noted by adding an E after the A, O, or U:

„Wenn ich ein kleines Pferd waere …‟

Part of an assignment in my German class, one continuation of the previous phrase reads:

„Wenn ich ein kleines Pferd waere, wuerde ich eine kleine Pferdestaerke machen.‟

Horsepower from a horse shows that both my German phrase and the following translation are technically accurate:

“If I was a small horse, I would make one small horsepower.”

For further discussion, I reference Wikipedia:

“This unit (German: ,Pferdestärke‛ = horse strength) is no longer a statutory unit, but is still commonly used in Europe, South America, Japan and India especially by the automotive and motorcycle industry.”

The preceding was a response that I left on my blog, so any humor vampirism is more safe this time than in my last attempt at such.

Until I replied to David, I was going to share more stale zaniness, but let us become political to suck away more humor.

NYC ‘Occupy’ showdown averted; Cleanup postponed
“Police had been preparing to evict Wall Street protesters from park for cleaning; Some had vowed resistance.”


Here’s to a long life for Occupy Wall Street | New Hampshire OPINION02
“Conservatives should rejoice and wish for a long life for Occupy Wall Street, as well as abundant publicity and sufficient organization to endorse congressional candidates deemed worthy. All Democrats eager for OWS’ imprimatur, step forward.”

I sometimes forget that someone not on Family Guy could also be named Brian Griffin.

‘Amazing comics, but where are the text pieces?’ a review of: Coward (Criminal, Vol. 1)
“Brian J. Griffin says: This graphic novel collects issues 1-5 of Ed Brubacker and Sean Phillips’ Criminal. This contains the entire ‘Coward’ arc which introduces us to Criminal world and some of its main stays. The story and its execution are absolutely fantastic. The art and writing…”

Source: Mafia Wars 2

Zoe Sato | Mafia Wars 2
“The daughter of a Yakuza gangster and his French-born mistress, Zoe was born in Honolulu. When she was a teenager, she witnessed her father put her mother in the hospital following a drunken rage. Shortly after, she stole a cache of her father’s money and caught a flight to Los Angeles. After …”

Zygna, What Have You Done?

Mafia Wars 2 Exclusive X-Play Preview
“The original gangsters of social networking are back with this Epictober, X-Play exclusive preview of Mafia Wars 2. Because at the end of the day, it really does feel good to log online and…”