Ditsy Doo (Derpy Hooves)

Welcome to the jungle, going to eat a lot of peaches.

Derpy Hooves | Know Your Meme
“Derpy Hooves is a nickname given to a background pegasus character from the animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The moniker comes…”

A few of these appear in the opening credits of Breaking Bad, and my friend Harrison George has been eating Pb and J sandwiches. While I have no idea what is J, Pb should never be taken internally:

Element Symbols
“Learn the one and two letter symbols for the chemical elements.”

Videochat Karaoke – Zooey Deschanel, The Wayward Wind.

IMDb: Movie and TV characters that would make great Halloween Costumes – a list by IMDb-Editors
“Need a little inspiration for your Halloween costume? We’ve put together a list of some memorable characters that would make great Halloween costumes.”

Waspinator has plans…


Stale zaniness 013

A post about stale zaniness is almost obligatory near the end of a month, so welcome to the „Das ist alte Schinken‟ edition.

imageNice of Maxim to draw attention to WaterAid in America.

Twitter / Tom Gazaway: “Hope everyone is getting ready for all the fun Halloween activities this weekend. What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?” … As Mikuru Asahina would say, “That’s classified.”

Object ‘Crashes’ into Akihabara Radio Building for Steins;Gate Event
“As part of an all weekend event at the Old Akihabara Radio Building for Steins;Gate, which includes a tie-in with the Radio Building, the exterior of the building has been transformed into the ‘crashed satellite’ scene from the prologue of the game and episode 1 of the anime. Read on for a tour via …”

Twitter / The Habit Factor®: “‘We all learn by experience, but some of us have to go to summer school.’ ~Peter De Vries …”

How to Give Her the Best Sex Ever
“A step-by-step primer on how you can be her greatest of all time.”

Awkward moment is awkward

Prison Planet.com  » ‘Get Your Freak On Girl’ TSA Screener Fired
“In a rare example of the federal agency caving to public outrage, the TSA has been forced to fire the screener who left a lewd message in lawyer Jill Filipovic’s checked bag after conducting an inspection and finding a sex toy.”

Twitter / Ars Technica: “Facebook sees 600,000 compromised logins per day—0.06% of all logins:  … by @JBrodkin …”

Facebook sees 600,000 compromised logins per day— 0.06% of all logins
“Facebook has released a statistic showing that fewer than one-tenth of one percent of logins into the social network are compromised. But since more than 1 billion Facebook logins occur each day, that could add up to 600,000 breaches every 24 hours.”

Twitter / Janet Callaway: “‘When you forgive, you in no way change the past–but you sure do change the future.’ Bernard Meltzer #quote  …”

With 7 Billion People, World Has a Poop Problem | Population 7 Billion | Sanitation, Sewage & Health
“Population growth in both the developing and developed world is putting pressure on sewage systems and highlighting the need for latrines in rural areas and urban slums.”

Twitter / Alex Sparkle: “Every weekend is a four day weekend if you don’t count the five days of work in between.”

News of the day 005

Although they will not be fully active until the first of  November,
our new phones for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) have been installed!imageAlso, I had a great phone conversation with a friend.
I will soon be writing a post about my friends of Internet.

You can choose where your United Way donation goes

“Did you know you can designate how United Way spends your money? Even if you do not see the charity of your choice on the United Way Designation Form, you can still designate money to your charity if it is a 501c3 and located within a 100 mile radius of Kansas City. Just write it in when you complete your E-Way donation or on the paper pledge form.

So where does the money go that JCCC employees donate?  Here are the agencies receiving donations to date:

  • United Way Community Care Fund
  • ALS Society  Keith Worthington Chapter
  • Alzheimer’s Association/Heartland Chapter
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Heart Association – 11
  • American Red Cross
  • Arthritis Foundation/Kansas City
  • Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
  • Boy Scouts/Heart of America Council
  • Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City
  • CASA of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties
  • Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St Joseph
  • Catholic Charities/Community Services
  • Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics
  • Community Mediation Center
  • Don Bosco Community Center
  • Duchesne Clinic
  • Episcopal Social Services
  • Fibromyalgia Coalition International
  • Harvesters
  • Health Partnership Clinic of Johnson County
  • Helping Hands Therapeutic Riding Center
  • Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture
  • Kansas City Free Health Clinic
  • Kansas City Hospice
  • Kansas Special Olympics Inc.
  • Literacy Kansas City
  • Mattie Rhodes Center
  • Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society Mid-America Chapter
  • Niles Home for Children
  • Olathe Meals-On-Wheels
  • Rehabilitation Institute
  • reStart Inc.
  • Rose Brook Center Inc.
  • Safehome
  • Salvation Army
  • Shepherds Center
  • Spofford
  • Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation / Greater Kansas City Affiliate
  • The Family Conservancy
  • Education Category
  • Health Category
  • Income Category
  • United Way 2-1-1
  • United Way Of Greater Kansas City

To see the agencies listed by United Way, go to the United Way List of Partner Agencies, to United Way List of Health Charities and to United Way Initiatives.

If you have a special charity you would like to give to, please consider giving through the JCCC United Way campaign.”

YBH – your brain hurts 009

One caller to NewsRadio 980 KMBZ said tonight, “My only problem with the Occupy movement is. ..” They are like Lay’s potato chips: you cannot have just one. How can he only have one problem with the Occupy movement?

Libertarians to Occupiers: Crony capitalism is the problem | Libertarian Party
“‘It’s true that 99% of Americans do not enjoy the special benefits of crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is very different from real capitalism. In crony capitalism, government hands out special favors and protections to politically well-connected businesses.’ – Mark Hinkle”

Okay, buffalo sauce is hot sauce blended into melted butter. That sounds like New York all right.

Occupy Wall Street needs corporate sponsors Al Lewis
“The Occupy Wall Street movement has revved up like a race car, and what every racing team needs is a solid portfolio of corporate sponsors, writes Al Lewis.”

Source: Ditsy Doo (Derpy Hooves)

To be fair, that was from MarketWatch.

A practical joke by GOP voters?
“How else to explain persistent support for the unqualified Herman Cain?”

Twitter / Carl B.: “Hey OWS! Get a job dumb dirty hippies!! I pull myself up by my own bootstraps! I fence counterfit blu-rays = no govt handoutz! #entrapanooer” … YBH – your brain hurts. I have updated my entertainingly shallow and pedantic blog.

Botch-fest 023

Among of my friends, I hold an unpopular political view, so I tend to not discuss politics:

Politics is not considered polite conversation. I do not know enough about the issues to discuss them calmly or avoid ad hominem. I am on the opposite side of the debate on most issues. I do not like being wrong or being made a fool. I would rather keep friends and be respectful.

Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the strong language that will soon appear in this post.

Every time I look into a monitor, Prime, my circuits sizzle.”

Every so often I become so sick and tired of being labeled for my politics, and and enduring an image like this:

The fucking Unabomber does not count, and they do not want to face the legacy of the violence brought by the Weather Underground, who is supposed to be celebrated.

Film in the Works Glorifies Weather Underground
“Robert Redford and Shia LeBeouf will be starring in a film that glorifies members of the Weather Underground, portraying those terrorists as true American heroes. by Raven Clabough”

This is senseless.

News of the day 004

JCCC men’s, women’s hoops ranked in top 20 as season starts

     “The JCCC women’s and men’s basketball teams will open the 2011-12 season ranked among the top 20 teams nationally.

     The Lady Cavaliers have been selected the No. 4 ranked team in NJCAA Division II.  This is the 12th consecutive season JCCC has appeared in the NJCAA Preseason Poll. They finished 32-5 and fifth in the NJCAA tournament last season.

     The men are ranked 17th after finishing 19-12 and runner-up in the region tournament. The Cavaliers were national champions in 2001 and 2009.

     The women open play against William Penn University JV, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2 at home, and the men host Penn Valley at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8.”

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Soon
See more at My Little Brony

Kovac to discuss Meyerowitz photos at Oct. 28 Noon at the Nerman program

“Jason Kovac, executive director, academic initiatives, is the presenter for the Noon at the Nerman program and discussion series at noon Friday, Nov. 4.

He will discuss two photos by Joel Meyerowitz on the first floor of GEB: “Bay Sky Series Provincetown” and “Roseville Cottages, Turo Cornhill Beach.”

Noon at the Nerman is a weekly interdisciplinary program examining works of art on view at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art or on campus. Students, staff and visitors will gather at the Nerman Atrium at noon on Fridays then walk to one of the artworks on campus or in the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art to hear a JCCC faculty or staff member speak briefly on that work of art.

It’s free, and no reservations are required.

Interested in presenting? Contact Allison Smith, professor of art history, at ext. 3498 or by e-mail.”

Get The Led Out on Nov. 19 brings back Led Zeppelin favorites

“An East Coast band that captures the essence of your old Led Zeppelin albums and performs them live on stage will appear at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19, in Yardley Hall as part of JCCC’s Performing Arts Series.

Get The Led Out, based in Philadelphia, is a group of accomplished musicians who deliver “the mighty Zep’s” blues-soaked, groove-driven rock anthems along with their intimate, sit-down acoustic sets. They are passionate about the music played by the British rock band between 1968 and 1980.

Tickets, which are $35 and $25, are available through the college box office at 913-469-4445 or online at jccc.edu/TheSeries. Remember, JCCC employees can purchase up to four tickets for the show at half price. Employee pricing is available by phone or in person at the box office, but not online.

Read more about the band here.”

Web Wanderings 025

Please pray for the poor people of eastern Turkey; they experienced an earthquake with continuous aftershocks, making relief difficult.

Israel Offers Turkey Earthquake Assistance | Christians United for Israel
“Following the 6.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked southeastern Turkey early …”

Such a nice thing to do.

Student with Down Syndrome crowned homecoming king
“Kevin Schombert, a student with Down Syndrome, was crowned homecoming king this weekend at Urbana High School in Frederick County.”

I Never Miss A Weather Forecast… Unless I’m From Finland.

Jennifer and Jessica Patterson, Indiana Identical Twins, Give Birth On Same Day
“BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Two identical twins in Indiana now have another birthday in common: They delivered babies on the same day at the same hospital. Jennifer Patterson gave birth first to a girl, Adalynn Rose Patterson, who was born with a collapsed lung but is now doing fine.”

FOX Broadcasting is showing the World Series, meanwhile I wanted to see Animation Domination.