Celebratory note 018

The final duo, which resulted from the second season of the Next Big Improv Show, has its first performance in two weeks, and I will be in that show at the Roving Imp!

Source: Rainbow Dash via Rainbow Dash – FiM by ~BionicleGahlok on deviantART
Who would have thought that I would last this long?!

Star Trek: Enterprise Theme Song
“This is the theme song of Star Trek: Enterprise
‘Faith Of The Heart’, sung by Russell Watson…”

Konata says, “Good Job!”


News of the day 007

Following two viewings of the new episode, I can say:

“Other than the bureaucratic mentality, the other constant in the universe is that the latest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the best one ever.”

“Michael and Fiona. Annie and Auggie. Both love action, intrigue and danger! If you love Burn Notice, give Covert Affairs a try. New episodes Tuesdays at 10/9c.”

Is Google Chrome the New IE6?
“With Google-only features and ‘standards,’ Chrome is going down a proprietary path.”

The title has no reference to the recently unknown meme:

Good Guy Greg meme | quickmememy little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Good Guy Tank
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Composer/Songwriter Daniel Ingram revealed the name of the song from the episode today,  and some of the lyrics were later repeated by Rarity.

The Pony Everypony Should Know – MLP FiM S2E9 Song
“Here’s the song from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season 2 Episode 9, Sweet and Elite. I’ll be linking a download in a little while, once I finish …”

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - PARTY CANNON!
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see what I did there 005

Ditsy Doo (Derpy Hooves) – (happy), “The Muppets.”

The Muppets are back, but where have they been? | Arts | National Post
“In honour of the release of The Muppets, and the conclusion of our Tournament of Muppets, Steve Murray takes a look at what Jim Henson’s crew of furry creatures have been up to since the release of the last Muppets film 12 years. They’ve been busy! Click through to enlarge the above image.”

Obama Insults Great Britain…Again

Obama’s Dual Deficits | RedState
“On Monday, President Obama announced to the people of Europe that the United States stands ‘ready to do our part’ to help Europe resolve its debt …”

Angriest Democrat in Congress pretty angry at ObamaHot Air

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - She Can Save the Balloon In...
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Fed, National Banks Decide on More Global Inflation
“The Federal Reserve Bank and five other central banks across the world cut the temporary U.S. dollar liquidity swap arrangements rate for central bank borrowing nearly in half in order to relieve the Eurozone debt crisis. by Thomas R. Eddlem”

Twitter / Warren Arnold: “I giggle every time someone says ‘Beef Stroganoff’” … Free Exercise To Enlarge Your Penis – Clopfictions

Source: Fluttershy

New Aventador on Teamspeed, and a new exciting color!Teamspeed.com
“New Aventador on Teamspeed, and a new exciting color! I am very excited! The car is still in Switzerland, will be home soon but enjoy the pics for now! Follow for more!”

2010 Camaro Amber LED Night Rider Scanner Bar
from Advanced Automotive Concepts

Getting Started with Mozilla Firefox
“Meet Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Take a quick tour and become a expert in 8 easy steps.”

Huckabee not feeling the endorsement urgeHot Air
my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Don't Open the Weird Door to the Internet
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Rick Perry for President 2012Six Tennessee GOP Lawmakers Endorse Gov. Rick Perry
“Texas Gov. Rick Perry today announced the endorsement of six Republican Tennessee lawmakers, including Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro, State Sen. Brian Kelsey of Germantown, State Sen. Jim Summerville of Dickson, House Speaker Pro Tempore Judd Matheny of Tullahoma, Sta…”

Homeowners' Real Estate Infographic Provided By CreditSesame.com

Find the best mortgage rates at CreditSesame.com

A humbler Rick Perry asks voters for another chance
“Rick Perry  expresses no regrets. He’s not taking any kind of mind-altering drugs. And he can laugh at his disastrous debate performance — the one with the infamous brain freeze — and wants you to laugh too.”

Grandiose delusions from One Big Ass Mistake America:

Obama: I‘ve Done More for Israel’s Security Than Any Other Administration
“President Barack Obama said Wednesday he has done more for Israel’s security than any other administration, and vowed no ally is more important to the U.S. than the Jewish state. ‘I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more for the security of the state of Israel…’”

American Thinker further observes:

Articles: Obama: The Affirmative Action President
“Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and disturbing phenomenon, a baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the Middle Ages.  How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into ….”

I have updated my entertainingly shallow and pedantic blog.

The Passing of Don Harman

FOX 4 Statement on the Passing of Don Harman
“Don Harman, a beloved meteorologist and personality on the FOX 4 morning show passed away Tuesday evening. To all of us, Don was like family, and the news comes as a great shock to all the folks he…”

… … … … …

Don’s Family Shares His Fight with Depression
“Don Harman’s family wants people to know that Don struggled with depression. It was a life-long fight and he tried many ways to treat it.    They urge anyone who faces depression to continue to …”

… … … … …

MBH – my brain hurts 020

Every effort is being made for my posts to not crowd your Facebook news feed. Instead, I will share with LL Cool J, and MBH – my brain hurts.

internet memes - The Hills are Alive with the Sound of First World Problems
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Prison Planet.com  » Chinese Professor Threatens ‘Third World War’ To Protect Iran
“A professor from the Chinese National Defense University says that China should not hesitate to protect Iran, even if it means launching World War Three, as more US warships are dispatched to the region amidst heightening tensions.”

Pru’s New Sneakers | Team News and Gossip

Michael Bay’s Need for Speed The Run TV Commercial
“Experience an action-packed, coast-to-coast race for your life, all through the eyes of Michael Bay. Get ready to race for your life. In stores November 15th.”

Herman Cain prepares an escape hatch
“The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO may be preparing for a graceful exit from the contest.”

Hi-Res Photos From Ridley Scott’s PrometheusComingSoon.net

Prison Planet.com  » Yes, Americans Will Be Targeted As Terrorists Under the NDAA
“Controversy over whether or not Americans are exempt from a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act bill, set to be voted on this week by the Senate, which defines the the entirety of the United States as a battleground in the war on terror, has been addressed by Republican Congressman …”

Prison Planet.com » Pay Your Carbon Taxes To Al Gore Or Space Aliens Will Attack
“Having failed with drowning polar bears, global superstorms, rising sea levels and a myriad of other manufactured hoaxes, global warming alarmists have invented a new threat to try and persuade us to pay carbon taxes directly to Al Gore and the global elite – vengeful environmentalist extraterrestrials.”

« Bftc Featured « Bear Flag Trading Co.

Four Reasons Why Conservatives Should Think Twice About Gingrich
“With the New Hampshire Union Leader’s endorsement of Newt Gingrich as well as Gingrich’s rise in the polls, the former speaker has the momentum in the race for the White House, but is this a good …”

This story is from The Onion.

U.S. Adds 4 Million Jobs But In St. Louis
“WASHINGTON—The Labor Department reported Monday that the U.S. economy created a staggering 4 million jobs in October, though government officials hastened to add that the new positions are all located in the St. …”

Kyubey Worms His Way Into Top Internet Buzzwords 2011
“Among a Facebook ‘like’ reference, the Twitter hashtag telling government spokesman Yukio Edano to get some sleep during the earthquake crisis, and a smattering of celeb and model created words, a quote from Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) made the Top Internet Buzzwords of 2011 in Japan.”

Some days you just have to say, “What?” – J-List Tumblr

How to Make Sure Your Android Phone Isn’t Spying On You ~ LockerGnome
“Last year, iPhone users had to deal with ‘locationgate.’ Now, Android users have their privacy to worry about, as recent information that’s been uncovered by YouTuber TrevorEckhart has shown that software made by a company called Carrier IQ, installed by default on many Android phones by the carrier…”

Quickly, bring me my brown pants!

Interview with Buck Brannaman of ‘Buck’
“I had the pleasure of interviewing Buck Brannaman again in support of Buck in Dallas, Texas. I tried to touch on all the praise and promotion this documentary…”

Joy to the fishes in the Deep Blue Sea.

2013 Scion FR-S marks Toyota’s return to performance in U.S.
“With the introduction tonight of the 2013 Scion FR-S, the triumvirate of oh-so-similar sport coupes born of the joint venture between Toyota and Subaru.”

Joy to you and me.

Ein Unfall habe passiert


I had an accident with my car yesterday evening.

„Gestern Abend habe ich einen Unfall mit meinen Auto gehabt. Heute bin ich nicht bei der Arbeit.‟

Any muscle soreness was from helping a friend move some containers yesterday. I took some ibuprofen and got some rest. In order to get an estimate, report the accident, and get a loan for my deductible, I was not at work today.

An unfallbericht is German for accident report. Bella Block on ZDF – Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen taught me that word.

Oh My Gosh 001

“Going into production? Oh My Gosh!”
Twitter / BuzzFeed:
Dunder Mifflin Is Now A Real Paper Company…”

Dunder Mifflin Is Now A Real Paper Company
“Dunder Mifflin Is Now A Real Paper Company: Have you ever watched The Office and thought to yourself, ‘I wish I could actually buy …’”

internet memes - You Have to Make an Appointment
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Twitter / Family Guy: “Audio Interview:
#sethmacfarlane Dreams About Working – … #familyguy

“Seth MacFarlane is one of the busiest people in show business today. MacFarlane is constantly working on his FOX animated shows, The Cleveland Show, American Dad!, and Family Guy.  MacFarlane also just wrapped up filming his first theatrical film, Ted, which stars Mila Kunis, Mark Wahlberg and …”


Europe’s Toyota GT 86 sports car revealed, arrives June 2012
“It’s no secret that the Toyota FT-86 will finally make its production-spec debut next week in Tokyo, and ahead of that, the automaker’s UK office has …”

Yes, by showing an image of the Chevy Camaro, and mentioning
Toyota in the following breath, I have committed sacrilege,
but my redemption is at hand …

Star Trek 2 Release Date Announced
“It was recently announced that JJ Abrams’ Star Trek 2 will be released on May 17, 2013 and could go into production as soon as January 15. This comes off the heels of the possible casting of Benicio Del Toro as the movie’s main villain. It was also announced that this highly anticipated sequel will …”

My Little Brony is not my only source. I also find fan art at this site:

Cutie Mark Crusaders
“Just another My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic blog. This is not an Ask Blog. If you are looking for Cutie Mark Crusaders asks please check the master list.  ponies”

An ask blog is where people submit questions to someone who plays a character and usually responses in the form of a comic, and an author may also have a related page on Facebook, e.g., Berry Punch also has Ask Berry Punch. Of course, the fandom is not officially sanctioned by My Little Pony, who has been enjoying success:

America’s Hottest Brands: My Little Pony: The Friendship Is Magic | Special: America’s Hottest Brand
“For kids’ cable network The Hub, a funny thing happened on the way reimagining the 1980s cult hit”

Any fandom can have elements which are unpleasant, i.e., the violent and gore-filled Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie, recently mentioned  in the „Cupcakes‟ edition of my stale zaniness. Bronies for the most part…

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Embrace It. It's Our Life's Duty
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seek to inspire goodness and the values of the show in others; A Word From Rainbow Dash, by ~grampagort on deviantART, is an example.