Paraskevidekatriaphobia, or the fear of Friday the 13th, is not one of my irrational fears. Any time that the first day of a month appears on a Sunday on your calendar, the thirteenth day will be a Friday, and I welcome having payday earlier than the fifteenth day of the month.

Robert Johnson At 100, Still Dispelling Myths
“Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert Johnson. Despite hardy rumors that the bluesman sold his soul to the devil, Johnson’s most important legacy is his mastery of recorded music.”

His legendary character was in O Brother Where Art Thou?

Pixar’s Cars 2 Uses J-Pop’s Perfume Song Worldwide
“‘Polyrhythm’ song to be featured on soundtrack in U.S. & other countries”

Scientists pay close attention to new brain findings
“If you find you are easily distracted, the explanation may be that…. HEY. BACK OVER HERE. As I was saying, if you find you are easily distracted, it …”

Last night you also dreamed about being photographed in front of a big prop box of Mueslix?

‘CARS 2’ Star Larry the Cable Guy to Serve as Honorary Pace Car Driver For the Coca-Cola 600
“Blue-collar comedian and the voice of Mater in the upcoming Disney*Pixar summer comedy CARS 2, Larry the Cable Guy will ‘git-r-done’ as the honorary pace-car driver for the 52nd running of the Coca-Cola 600 on May 29 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.”

The Red Bull Racing Team has doomed us.

Kasey Kahne 4th, Brian Vickers 34th in NASCAR Cup race at Darlington.
“Kasey Kahne started on pole, led a race-high 124 laps and finished 4th in Saturday nights NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Darlington. Brian Vickers was 34th.”

We are doomed.

Is this the end of dark matter?
“An experiment designed to catch a few WIMPs, the particles that are meant to make up dark matter, has failed to detect any sign of them. Galaxies should be flying apart.”

We are all doomed.

Microsoft to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion
“The software giant says that Skype’s video-chatting platform will bolster its Kinect and Windows Phone platforms. It will also ‘connect’ Skype users with Xbox Live. Read this blog post by Don Reisinger on The Digital Home.”

Before going to Wendy’s, I went to SureWest Communications, and found the bill to be $30 higher than last month.

A second out of phase

With my two parents and two younger sisters, I live in Merriam, Kansas. I enjoy anime, cars, computers, and politics. I perform improv comedy monthly.

I have finally followed the lead of my friend Denton, and created a blog on WordPress. Reading the Blogger Status page sooner might have helped me to better understand the situation, which is not alone in causing much frustration for me at the moment.

Because I do not receive the disbursement of my financial aid until the third week of the eight-week classes at Ottawa University, I have always had to wait until then to buy my textbook, which chronically puts me behind.  Last night I checked my student e-mail again to discover that the Department of Financial Aid is again informing me that they are missing a form from me. I turned in the form two weeks ago.

Not far from my place of work, Johnson County Community College, Ottawa University has a location, to where I will simply drive. I will likely give the main number a call. My own procrastination, and failure to check my student e-mail at least once a day, is again causing me to feel a second out of phase with the rest of the universe. I have a slow but sure striving for security.