Word up, Holmes

Yesterday, Pinkie Pie was the main character in three of four episodes:image

Super Stuffed Easter Marathon! (Promo) – The Hub
“Put on your Sunday best and get ready to start your morning with Chuck’s Big Air Dare, Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures, My Little Pony …”

Denton found that Netflix now has My Little Pony Friendship is Magic available to stream; your reaction may vary from the following image.my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Bronies Rejoice
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My Little Pony Friendship is MagicMMMystery on the Friendship Express” (Clip) – The Hub
“Pinkie Pie starts the silliest criminal investigation in the history of Equestria when a cake she is guarding for a contest is destroyed on the way to Canter…”

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Good Girl Applejack
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The Future of Storytelling Has Arrived by $techgnotic on deviantART
“The recently announced changes to the core mythos of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the backlash from fans over the ending to Mass Effect 3 have …”

 On Facebook, the community of bronies has pages for main characters Apple JackRainbow Dash, and Rarity, who is among  these many roles.my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Voice ALL of the Ponies!
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10 Things that Shaped My Youth: Part 1
“A list of some of the things that helped make me into who I am today   10. Rocky and Bullwinkle The creation of Jay Ward, ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’ connected with me instantly. I love the irr…”

Thank you for your time, Twilight Sparkle.

 Message from Twilight Sparkle
“Yes, she is talking to YOU! (Or Trolling you… Still trying to figure that out…) More on my Deviant Art page: …”


One step over the Line 001

When I was attempting apply sauce to my item from Taco Bell, I instead spilled the sauce on my shirt, a shirt which garnered ruckus laughter when I took the stage in The Mixer, where the names of improvisers are placed in a bowl and drawn at random to participate in scenes; whether he or she is in an ensemble or merely takes classes, any improviser present in the audience at the Roving Imp may play.image

Bruning Twitter Jab May Shift CampaignOmaha.com
“‘I think this is a pivotal moment in the campaign, because it clearly shows what kind of man Bruning is,’ said Parsons. ‘This type of gutter politics has no place in Nebraska.’”

Kitto I must write a disclaimer about the content
in the following link from Two In The Shirt, “HAPPY EASTER

Source: There must be a birthday party or something because Morishima-senpai has bought a lot of balloons. – J-List Tumblr

Twitter / Scott A. Frye: “Mysterious Girlfriend X synopsis sounds strange. dude is addicted to the girl’s drool. drool? eww….”internet memes - On to the next one
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Mysterious Girlfriend X
“Watch the latest episodes of Mysterious Girlfriend X on Crunchyroll now. Tsubaki Akira, a completely ordinary boy in high school, happens to lick the saliva of a mysterious girl, Urabe Mikoto, who just transferred into his class. The next day, Tsubaki is bed-ridden with a inexplicable fever that won…”

I might do that, and I will now be awaiting my special place in Hell.
Source: The Great and Powerful Trixie (FiM) via Indecent Illustration

An offer that I cannot refuse 016

Sometimes, I make myself feel worse about things than I should. Like today, I had planned to canvass, but the weather did not agree with my efforts, so I ended up taking a long nap this afternoon. An offer about which I learned through my GMail is available.

Goodcents Delis Fresh Subs Exclusive Offer

For me, life is challenging when I am on a call on the home phone, and my mobile phone rings! In no way will I possibly miss the Fifth Anniversary Show at the Roving Imp tonight.

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Celebratory note 029

My purpose in creating a blog was simply for the purpose of blogging. For Mirror Universe, my mirror of Egocentric Universe on WordPress, Wednesday was my ‘busiest day’ with thirty-six views, mostly for “Royal Wedding worth Watching.”

The Two Keys to Building an Online Community That You Need to Remember | MackCollier.com – Social Me…
“Reward the type of behavior you want to encourage and model the type of behavior you want to encourage. Reward the type of behavior you want to …”

Twitter / Skintimate: “Retweet if you feel more confident with smooth, radiant #legs!”

Source: Vinyl Scratch (Friendship is Magic)

Geeks Get Some Sun With Newly Released ‘Steins;Gate’ Beach Queen Figures
“Out of the lab and onto the sand, Hokusoh’s Beach Queens line has added Steins;Gate’s Shiina Mayuri and Makisa Kurisu. The 1/8 scale pair are now available in Japan, and probably your favorite figure importer, for 3,800 yen ($46 – discounted in the photos below) each.”

Twitter / Crunchyroll: “News: Producer Roy Lee Comments
on ‘Battle Royale’ vs. ‘Hunger Games’ …”
internet memes - Kids Fighting Each Other? How Original
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Producer Roy Lee Comments on ‘Battle Royale’ vs. ‘Hunger Games’
“Despite its limited availability in North America, and even prior to last week’s DVD/Blu-ray release, plenty of people managed to catch Japanese teenage death-match movie Battle Royale. So when Hunger Games hit theaters with a similar premise, few missed the opportunity to compare the two. The Wall St…”

Twitter / Christopher Hurt: “Retweet @Crunchyroll: Puella Magi Madoka Magica 8 just launched!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
“Watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 8 now!”

Let us watch “Smile Smile Smile” to bring a smile to my face.

First super-radiant lasers produce nearly no photons (and that’s expected)
“Ordinary lasers emit photons that have nearly identical frequencies, but for some applications, nearly isn’t good enough. A super-radiant laser could achieve even greater precision, even though it would have very few photons present at one time.”

Watch an exclusive, never before seen Top Gear clip. You MUST watch this on your computer (not your phone) for the full experience:

“Welcome to the BBC America YouTube channel where we bring you the best of BBC America in one place. Watch clips of provocative dramas, razor-sharp comedies, electric sci-fi, and more. Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll be the first to know when something new hits your screen. There’s so much …”

For the full experience, South Park must be seen on Netflix or on TV (e.g., syndicated rebroadcasts or Comedy Central).

South Park Studios | Kenny, Cartman, Stan & Kyle | Watch Full Episodes, Clips & More
“Watch every episode of South Park for free and get news straight from the studio at the official site for television series. South Park is an Emmy and Peabody award winning animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.”

I find myself feeling a second out of phase.

Star Trek First Contact Day – A Closer Look
“Star Trek News – It’s First Contact Day. StarTrek.com breaks down the history of everyone’s favorite Star Trek holiday and asks: How are you celebrating First Contact Day?”

Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks [Comic]

The Geek Zodiac.comWhat’s Your Sign?
“The Geek Zodiac as seen above can be purchased as a poster from our Zazzle store right here. You can also search for Geek Zodiac apparel by year, here.”

“I HATE THIS PLACE [DAN VS FIM]”my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Being Cancelled Was a Joke?
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You can walk or deny 017

Dining services featured in Kansas City Star article

“JCCC’s dining services, particularly Café Tempo, was featured in an article headlined ‘On-campus dining is nothing like it used to be’ in today’s Kansas City Star.

The article was written by award-winning columnist Anne Brockhoff, and includes a review of Café Tempo. It appeared in The Star’s 913 section.”


My mother would not like that the shifter is only available mounted in the console, yet she appreciates that I shared the following article, and would like me to buy an example of the car for her. She promises to take good care of it.

2014 Chevrolet Impala Photos and Specs – Chevy Impala Pictures – RoadandTrack.com
“Slated to go on sale early next year,  the new 2014 Chevy Impala receives a much-needed makeover that features contemporary styling, new direct-injection power-plants and a host of product improvements ranging from active noise cancellation to safety from 10 standard airbags. The 5-passenger Impala …”

Obama Alienates Canada And Mexico At Three Amigos
“Most summits are full of pleasantries. Tuesday’s ‘Three Amigos’ summit was different: a litany of how Obama alienated leaders of Mexico and Canada.”

For Mets’ Hubris, the Gods Served Humble PieNew York Times

Federal judge hits back at Obama – Jennifer Haberkorn
“Think the federal judiciary is taking kindly to President Barack Obama’s pre-emptive attack on the Supreme Court? Think again. A federal appellate judge in Texas on Tuesday demanded that Attorney General Eric Holder write a three-page, single-spaced memo by midday Thursday explaining why the federal…”

my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Buck You All
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Summary of Improv Goals 017

In both title and nuisance, John is creative director at the Roving Imp Training Center, and challenges all of us to keep a journal, yet I have made no post about my goals for improv in a month, conflicts in my scheduling caused me to miss class for two weeks.

Over the last five days, each day, I have been arriving home for the evening one hour earlier, but I am still going to bed at midnight.
Source: Fleur De Lis (Friendship is Magic)

Why, yes, the image above is an interesting pun, which was my appropriately used technique in one of the warm-up games in class on Tuesday. On which necessary care and time were given, we played Emotion-Location Circle with the requirement that we are adding a detail about our environment. For the location, we received, ‘dove blind,’ and the emotion may have been, ‘distraught.’ Most people thought about the silly animal or the chocolate, yet I was only slightly more clever.

“I can’t see anything! Where is the soap?”
John responded, “You can’t see; we can’t see anything either. Tell us more about where you are and why you can’t see.”
“I should have replaced the light bulb in the bathroom. I can’t see anything! Where is the soap?”

Last week, we worked on listening and adding detail to a scene.
We played Respond and Reveal.

Source: Heart attack, indeed.

The first person initiates. The second person responses emotionally to what was just said, and then reveals something about his or her character. With the gap of a week in my memory, I can not remember any specific example, but dedicating an entire class to that game was very effective to the understanding of everyone in class. Later in class this Tuesday, John gave us a location, and three or four people painted the scene: they described items in and around the environment, and sometimes moved the blocks.

Oddly, my two scenes in this run were both with Mary, a shorter, older lady with a love of hats; who takes good care of herself, and her husband; and does workplace training, touring the country, lecturing professionally.

Three blocks had been longitudinally aligned on stage, and David painted them as a boat, a rather small boat.
Mary sat with her legs crossed, and soon established us as an older couple, and her character wanted to go for a romantic ride in the boat.
Responding in a Jewish accent, I recited some details about the boat, noting that the rope was approximately seventy feet, and the anchor was about a hundred pounds.
The oddest thing that David had painted were ‘row paddles’; for some reason, he did not call them oars. Of course, my dyslexic mind caused me to call them ‘paddle rows.’
I revealed my fear of commitment.
Mary said that she knew, considering that I had taken seventy years to propose.

John did pause us to call attention to our game in the scene. My second scene with Mary was more about the weirdness in a scene and its going unnoticed.

The scene took place in a fireworks kiosk, which the two previous scene established was in a tent, when Mary mimed a cigarette in the beginning the scene.
I was trying to slowly build my reaction, but others soon added to the scene with a campfire and welding equipment.
John soon called to our attention, “Smoking near fireworks is about the dumbest thing you can do. When the weird continued with no reaction…”
We ran the scene again and I said something about the smoking.

I had such fun in the rehearsal for Nerds.
Source: Fleur De Lis (Friendship is Magic)

I missed the party 003

Friday afternoon, my manager announced that he was soon leaving for a position at another company; only I was not there to hear, so he told me this morning.

9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss
“From bull-headed salary negotiations to after-hours exploits, Monster.com recently compiled a list of nine things that you should never say to your boss.”

I do not know if any party will be held for the occasion.Source: Vinyl Scratch (Friendship is Magic)

Palin Goes Rogue on ‘Today’ Show
“When Palin was introduced this morning for her one-morning gig, the former Alaska governor was under a pile of newspapers showing she was doing her homework. She joked about running into a tourist outside 30 Rock: ‘Honey I told you Tina Fey is here!’”

My understanding is that the random tourist said that.The Anatomy of Going Viral

[Via: Single Grain – A Digital Marketing Agency]

Ultimately, I decided to join Denton Saturday evening.

Not Getting His Way: Obama Slams the Supreme Court over Obamacare.
“The highest elected official in the United States dished out an extra helping of irony yesterday when it comes to Obamacare.”

internet memes - My Childhood is Restored
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cartoon network: Bring back Toonami on Adult Swim “Toonami has been in many young adults lives as they were kids. Adult Swim has just aired it on 4/1/12 and the internet is booming over it.”