Much too Young (to Feel This Damn Old (Again?))

Three weeks from today I will be forty; that’s not what is making me feel old or keeping me awake this morning. It’s not even my sister making noise down the hall. It’s a worry.

March 17th someone hit the back of my car and drove off. I did not get much of a chance to read the number on the license, so my insurance has gone up. I followed the instructions of the emergency people and had them take me two miles to hospital, a ride which cost five hundred dollars, which for some reason was not covered in my explanation of benefits, and will go into collection probably next week, so I have to talk to someone, probably.

“But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly. (2 Peter 3:7)”
Starlight Glimmer by CentchiStarlight Glimmer by Centchi


Huey Lewis & The Quack

Between the idea for this post and the writing, a tragedy occurred:

A month ago, my father bought two ducklings from an Albertson’s in Oklahoma.

Someone told us we looked like ducks,...

The Royal Sketchbook – Celestia, “Someone told us we looked like ducks, so when we went swimming in a garden pool, Cadence started quacking and we just kept it up. The few guards nearby were trying hard to not crack up…”

On the Facebook marketplace, my sister found the last two things
to make a pond for “Huey Lewis and Quack,” animal carriers,
and the pond is a children’s inflatable pool, but my point is made.

Humor vampirism 035, Hope Floats

The Burning,” an episode of Seinfeld, kind of works on two levels, and mirrors good improv, yet I have recently been having some difficulty with communication.

“Cosmo Kramer: Well, I’ve got gonorrhea.

Elaine: That sounds about right.

Elaine: Well, I’m going to hell.

Jerry: That sounds about right.”

Noting my production had fallen below a certain threshold for the first time this month, my supervisor paid me a compliment on Wednesday.

“Arby’s: $1 Coke Floats are here. At participating locations for a limited time. $1 price available for small size drink.”

“‘And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ (Mark 12:30)”
Coke Floats are here

Two best sisters play Again (Again?)

Wow, a year has passed since this animation was posted to YouTube.

Unlike the hosts for ‘Two Best Friends Play,’ the game ‘Fallout 4’ is rated M for Mature, so the following contains extreme violence and much strong language.

Two Best Sisters PlayFallout 4” places Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as the players and keeps the guys’ voices.
Luna Fo4 by CaptainPudgeMuffinLuna Fo4 by Captain Pudge Muffin

Machinima also produced ‘Combiner Wars’ and ‘Titan Masters’ for the ‘Prime Wars’ trilogy. Originally supposed to be an adaptation for the ‘Generic Universal RolePlaying System,’ creative differences caused ‘Fallout’ and changes to the title to be legally distinctive.

Toward flecked 017, Are we really doing this?

“Where angels fear to tread, fools rush in,” so a fear of being misunderstood has limited my aspirations for this post, this commentary. In the end, a friend on Facebook said it better. Wherein I found a title, here is the scene from Family Guy.

Dog Gone (2009)

Brian Griffin: You see, I’d thought I start out locally,
then try to merge with one of the larger groups.

Lois Griffin: Oh that’s a great idea, Brian. Maybe you could join PETA.

Peter Griffin: Join me for what?

Lois Griffin: No, PETA. The organization.

Peter Griffin: What organization?

Lois Griffin: PETA.

Peter Griffin: What?

Lois Griffin: PETA is an acronym, Peter.

Peter Griffin: No, I’m not. I’m Catholic.

Stewie Griffin: Are we really doing this?

Lois Griffin: No, Peter. All I’m saying is, maybe if this meeting goes well, Brian could be part of a PETA rally.

Peter Griffin: Somebody’s having a rally for me now?

Lois Griffin: No, for PETA.

Peter Griffin: That’s me! I’m Peter!

Lois Griffin: I’m not talking about you, Peter. I’m talking about PETA!

Peter Griffin: Somebody better have something to say to me pretty damn soon. Or I’ll have something to say to them. I’m very busy!

Chris Griffin: I think Betty White is in PETA.


“For where your treasure is, (Matthew 6:21)
there your heart will be also.”Twilight in socks, very old sketch. - PuckstervTwilight in socks, very old sketch. – Pucksterv

“Love how people post articles supposedly not biased because it’s not from a publication that opposes their point of view, then the material they post and cite is produced by organizations biased to the other extreme. But no, keep telling yourself you’re not guilty of drinking kool-aid while you accuse dissenters of drinking kool-aid of their own.”

The Spirit of Radio

After his regular full-time job, my friend Travis and I met on the other side of town at Jack in the Box before he went to his second job.

While he ran some errands, I gave a listen to ‘Coast to Coast AM,’ where Lisa Garr spoke with ‘American Psychic: A Spiritual Journey from the Heartland to Hollywood,’ and “The Sleep Doctor has advice, news and tools to help you.”

I don’t know why I can only seem to get Pandora radio to work on my seven-year-old Dell tablet; Jim Gaffigan has a particular style which I find appealing.

“But Peter said, ‘I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you.
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!’ (Acts 3:6)”
New pet (PART 1) by MagnaLunaNew pet (PART 1) by MagnaLuna

On The Road Again (Again?)

Recapitulation of my visit to my grandmother will have to wait until tomorrow, I’ve driven 6 hours today and need to catch up on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Fooly Cooly Progressive

“Greater love has no one than this, (John 15:13)
that someone lay down his life for his friends.”
Lady Bugger by AssasinMonkeyLady Bugger by AssasinMonkey