Every Which Way but News 090

A while ago, I tried to share “4 Struggles of Driving With Glasses” on Twitter and ended up with the whole text, so enjoy:

“Unlike snorkeling, crawling and walking backwards, driving is one of the most efficient ways of getting from one place to another. Plus, there’s just something invigorating about sitting behind the wheel, windows down, cruising, favorite tunes blasting. That’s not to say you can’t have your favorite tunes blasting while you walk backward, but it’s just not the same.  And yet, driving does have some downfalls. From massive traffic build-ups to bad drivers merging into your lane, you have to be prepared for anything.  Here are four reasons why driving with glasses can add more hassle to your commute.

1. Forgetting your glasses Forgetting your glasses is bad for everybody on the road — you, pedestrians, other drivers, possums… Blurry vision could impair your reaction time to things like other drivers braking or switching lanes. Plus, if your license states that you drive with corrective lenses and you’re not wearing your specs, you could run the risk of getting a ticket.

2. Losing your glasses in the car You go to rearrange your glasses and boom, they fly into that black abyss between your chair and the middle compartment. You feel around, but this is already reminding you of the Last French Fry Incident of June 2014. Which is to say they’re gone, man. There is no way you’re getting them back without pulling over. And who knows what else you’ll find down there? (Spoiler alert: it’s that French fry).

3. Cleaning your lenses  It’s looking like an especially foggy day, which is odd because the sun is out and shining. Even odder is that that the thick wall of fog moves when your head moves. That’s because it’s not fog, my friend, it’s your glasses. They’re smudged beyond recognition, which is unfortunate because you either have nothing to wipe your glasses with or your microfiber cloth already has peanut butter on it because don’t ask.

4. Non-transitional lenses  There’s nothing like having a sun visor that’s too short to block the sun’s probing, glaring rays from piercing your eyes. Do your job, sun visor. If you don’t have transitional lenses, it’s even worse. You could just do the Cool Dude Double — that’s where you wear sunglasses over your regular glasses and they just bump awkwardly into one another. Good look!

 If you’re sick of letting glasses add unnecessary drama to your commute, ditch ‘em. There are other solutions to vision corrections, and if you haven’t considered LASIK in a while, now might be the right time to look into it. It’s come a long way in 18 years and you can learn more at http://www.backinfocus.com.”

“For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother. (Matthew 12:50)”
.:NICE SUNRISE 1.5:. by The-Butcher-X on DeviantArt


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