My name is Ron, the Platypus-Man

Whereas I have been watching much Family Guy​, this time of year causes me to remember events from two years ago and 10 years ago, when my life felt a bit like a Word of the Day at – smithereens: small pieces; bits.

These times return to my mind today as the morning was unusually cold, like when I tried to work two jobs; the second was a paper route in late March, early April, 2006.
If I’d taken the route with maybe a hundred papers I could have been successful, but I was greedy, and decided to choose the route with more than 300.
They took me through the route over the course of a week, but I had to quit by the third day of trying to do it myself.
This is similar to the job from which I had to resign two years ago, where I was transitioning into a new role, not achieving, and found myself with little alternative.

I learned from church that if you’re good you go to heaven;
but if you’re bad, you go to a place where the dead believe they’re still living,
and they pray for death, but death won’t come.”
Yeah, I think you’re really going to appreciate all the subtle nuances of my performance
Sunset Shimmer by Aizy-Boy40 on DeviantArt

Chris Griffin responds, “UPN?” Launched with Star Trek: Voyager, few remember UPN ever existed at all, and l even fewer remember the less successful and more ignoble experiments in programming like Platypus-Man, “an adult male human attempts to meet frequently but generally ends up alone.”

I’m not usually this chatty, but substitute driver Ron, whom I met my first week at the busing service, engaged me in conversation and informed me that Stan Lee was going to be at Planet ComiCon this year. Ron reminds me of Uncle Kenneth in his appearance and demeanor.

“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. (Deuteronomy 6:5)”

I have two friends with whom I generally watch anime; Ben is currently visiting Japan, and on Saturday night Josh, Luke, Travis, and I watched Videodrome.


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