Summary of Improv Goals 039

While words from the Barenaked Ladies have described my activities for the last two days, “Climb the stairs to my room / Sleep away the afternoon,” and the membership the troupe last night could be a Word of the Day at – passel: a group or lot of indeterminate number.

Thus it began with a game called Da Do Run Run. Only instead of a name they asked for a word. Next followed a game called War Room.

Three players were given different pieces of information which the President had to guess; who we were going to war against, why we were going to war against them, and a secret weapon by which we would defeat them.

Understudy was played, but it was played much closer to “Fainting Bodies,” as known at the Roving Imp. The half ended with a game of 185.

Honestly, I was somewhat distracted from time to time by my food, the crowd, and Georgia Tech playing on the televisions.

When they came back from break they played a game of freeze tag, which quickly became a game of keep away, as each character would handoff Whitney’s drink to the next.

“I like my Women the way I like My” was their first closing game, and the hobby mentioned was recreational use of marijuana, which quickly became “Dave’s not here, man,” as he was stopped from giving his joke, which I have since forgotten. “Sex with Me is Like” concluded with soccer as the suggestion, and Whitney had the last word.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good,
for in due season we will reap,
if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9)”
DJ Pon-3 (Vinyl Scratch)
DJ Pon-3 (Vinyl Scratch) [SFM] by DANJ16 on DeviantArt


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