My Immortal, part Three

When I last visited Denton and Hannah, Hannah and our friend Veasley were discussing some sheet music arranged for guitar, like a song by Evanescence, which is also a Word of the Day at – aeonian: eternal; everlasting.

Sketches that go back to the future of cars
Gas just 78¢ a gallon in northern Michigan city: It’s possible that there is a ‘mirror universe’ where time moves backwards, say scientists

“For we all stumble in many ways.
And if anyone does not stumble in what he says,
he is a perfect man, (James 3:2)
able also to bridle his whole body.”
I’m afraid, mischievous little Philomena here took the occasion to have a little fun with you, Fluttershy
Praise the Sun by gor1ck on DeviantArt

NBC ends Democratic debate seven Minutes Early
Deloitte chief’s new year memo is a classic in demotivationSanders’ health care plan would cost $13.8 trillion over a decade

I can no longer select text from inside an article on Facebook, yet I have found a way to work around this: share the story to Twitter and copy the text from there.


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