Day late, … short 012

I found no better way to spend an evening than to catch up South Park with Hannah and honorary professor Denton.

With whom I used to perform improvised theater, Denton knows to bring a scene back to the beginning. I also appreciate how the last two seasons of South Park have not let any established thing be dropped or forgotten, so that they can be called back. The season finale included an opening sequence reminiscent of any movie from Steven Seagal, who was featured in an earlier episode to talk about how he was shamed online for his body.

Be angry and sin not; (Ephesians 4:26-27)
let not the sun go down on your anger,
and give no opportunity to the devil.”
Too cute Sunset and site Wai
Sunset and site Wai | tentacles Ile life [pixiv]

I should say; when I call Denton a professor, I do because I see him as a mentor, and I’m alluding to No Case Too Small: Heroman.

I should also note that any image on Facebook with a shortened link to DeviantArt was unavailable for a few days this week, because those shortened links were deemed unsafe. Initially, many of my posts could be too high concept.


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