YBH – your brain hurts 019

Fortunately, I was at work, and could not hear any Word of the Day at Dictionary.com – bombinate: to make a humming or buzzing noise.

President Obama’s latest pathetic speech on terror
Semi-retired president’s historic speech fades quickly into historyWell, I guess we can be thankful at least that the address was short and started on time.”

How politicians reacted to proposed Muslim travel ban,”
and why your news-feed is suddenly filled with Donald J.
This video features a super excited bunny who can’t resist piles of fallen leaves
Shyful by shaynelleLPS on DeviantArt

It’s Disgraceful to Compare European Migrants to Holocaust Victims
“In a desperately misguided attempt to placate the palpable fear of allowing thousands of Muslim refugees into United States without proper security…”

“Not every legend, myth or conspiracy theory you hear about Pearl Harbor and December 7, 1941, is true.”


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