I don’t know, do you 033

“When you realized the paradox, you had the ability to expand your mind and your Word of the Day at Dictionary.com – protean: readily assuming different forms or characters.”

Hegel on Knowledge, Impatience, the Peril of Fixed Opinions, and the True Task of the Human Mind
“‘Impatience asks for the impossible, wants to reach the goal without the means of getting there.’ I frequently lament a particularly …”

“18 There is no fear in love,
but perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)
For fear has to do with punishment,
and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.”
In the future, even just thinking about a crime is enough to make you guilty, and justice is dispensed from Inspector Akane Tsunemori, along with two Enforcers.
Akane Tsunemori | erica [pixiv]

The Algorithm that Predicts Psychosis
“A new study finds a computerized word analysis is flawless guessing whether a person will have a psychotic episode.”

Yesterday, I chose to not say anything about the WDBJ Shooting, so could the predictably proposed solutions lead to world like Psycho Pass, or Minority Report?


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