Happy birthday, Jeremy Danner

When I think back on all the scenes I’ve seen in improv, I am bound to first remember “Cock and Balls,” which is a Word of the Day at Dictionary.com – hierogram: a sacred symbol, as an emblem, pictograph, or the like.

Beer Birthday: Jeremy Danner – Brookston Beer Bulletin
“Today is the 34th birthday of Jeremy Danner, who’s the ambassador brewer for Boulevard Brewing. Jeremy’s a Kansas City native who worked at several bars,…”

“18 For truly, I say to you,
until heaven and earth pass away,
not an iota, not a dot, (Matthew 5:18)
will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.”
Dash, I know you’re competitive, but you’ve gotta pick your battles.
Lightweight by Littleivy25 on DeviantArt

Last year, Danner and his spouse celebrated their birthdays at Kansas City Bier Company, and I was there. Danner is an ambassador brewer for Boulevard Brewing Company, and travels to promote the brand.

Well, now I’m dropping names almost constantly.”


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