We apologize 024

Egocentric Universe: Giulietta è il sole was cleped from a dubious translation to Italian from Shakespeare to refer to my Dart, which uses a platform from Alfa Romeo, and I apologize.

No one reads, and he is us.”

A memetic image to recently circulate on Facebook reminds us, “Bush and Clinton are seeking the presidency, a ‘Jurassic’ movie is number one at the box office, and a sequel in the ‘Terminator’ franchise is imminent.” Featured in the middle as his character from ‘Jumanji’ is Robin Williams, “What year is it?”

Those are three different years,
and not just one: 1992, 1993, and 1991;
yet I suppose I could see how one could become confused.

Another image is from a website called someecards.com, “I speak six languages: profanity, quotes from movies, lyrics from songs, sarcasm, sexual innuendo, and real talk,” yet unfortunate readers of this blog know that I make no such distinctions.

“10 Finally, (Ephesians 6:10)
be strong in the Lord
and in the strength of his might.”
Here’s a pic to celebrate the summer solstice
Summer Solstice 2015 by Jdan-S on DeviantArt


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