star-crossed gossamer chiaroscuro of the Day

Why do something tomorrow, when you can go out and do it today?”

Every President’s Executive Actions in One Chart
“President Obama is due to announce an executive action Thursday (such ill-fated gossamer distribution of light and shade in a picture), one that will change the legal status of millions of immigrants and is likely to be remembered as a major effort to change the count …”

“33 The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom,
and humility comes before honor. (Proverbs 15:33)”
So the breaking news over at Equestria Daily is... Human ponies Pony Humans Pony-mans Just how did they slip the the magical bonds of Equestria and come to live among us boring people typesEquestria Girls Trixie by PixelKitties on deviantART

Why Obama’s immigration move isn’t nearly enough
“Obama’s move could create a kind of waiting room occupied by a temporary class of unauthorized Americans.”

Americans ‘mad at government’ melt phones on Capitol Hill

They both came here illegally. Only one will be helped by Obama’s immigration action.
“Two undocumented mothers watched Obama’s announcement last night, waiting for their fate. The difference between them? A date on a calendar.”

The House will, in fact, act.”


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