I don’t know, do you 027

Tonight stargazers are in for a treat: Assuming the weather cooperates,
a total lunar eclipse will be visible from much of the United States.”

Are ‘Blood Moons’ a Biblical Sign From God That Something Earth-Shattering Is About to Happen?
“Are specific celestial events, including Tuesday’s ‘blood moon,’ really evidence that the end times are upon us or that, at the least, something profound is on the horizon concerning Israel? It’s the latter claim that’s being made by Texas pastor John Hagee, whose 2013 book, ‘Four Blood Moons:…’”

“11 May the Lord give strength to his people!
May the Lord bless his people with peace! (Psalm 29:11)”
Fluttershy fluffy socksFlutterFluffy socks by Alasou on deviantART


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