This is senseless 035

Sudan woman sentenced to death for Christian faith re-arrested, then freed again
“One day after Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman who refused to renounce her faith, was released from death row in Sudan she was arrested with her husband and two children at Khartoum airport.”

Clearly, The Atlanta Banana believes, “Persecution of Christians no longer happens,
and such is funny, so this should funny.”

Supreme Court Upholds Little Caesar’s Right to Feed Christian Employees to Lions
“WASHINGTON, DC–The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that Roman-owned pizza chain Little Caesar’s was within its rights to place Christian employees in an arena and then unleash starved, vicious lions …”

For their bias, propaganda, or sensationalism, “Liberals are Hypocrites,” and The Moonmont Chronicle is likewise guilty.

Why liberals should cheer the Hobby Lobby decision
“Genuine liberalism is capable of accommodating a multitude of viewpoints, even on contentious issues like contraception.”

The nation of Israel is mourning the deaths of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frankel, the three teens who were kidnapped 18 days ago by Hamas.”

Body of Arab teen found in Jerusalem in possible revenge attack
“News: Police investigate possibility Palestinian was kidnapped by Jews seeking revenge for three Israeli teens; possibility murder was part of domestic issue also being investigated.”

“10 Love one another with brotherly affection.
Outdo one another in showing honor. (Romans 12:10)”
Meine beiden absoluten Lieblingsvocaloids Gakupo und GumiGakupo x Gumi by latinsucks on deviantART


2 thoughts on “This is senseless 035

  1. I can conclude one of two things: 1.) You have missed the entire point of the quote because you are not familiar with satire or parody 2.) You think it is OK for us as Christians to deliberately distort things for our own aggrandization.

    I sincerely doubt you are that obtuse. I am deeply saddened by your attempts to equate actual persecution of Christians in other countries with political grandstanding in a free country. Shame on you.

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