Need to read again 019

People were searching for the following, and somehow found my post:

LET’S SEE WHO TRULY READS MY STATUS: You and I wake up in a small, purple Volkswagen Jetta together. We’re wearing Stormtrooper costumes and have a Jack o‘Lantern, a digital camera, five 10-sided dice, and a large jar of peanut butter. USING THREE WORDS … What would you say to me? NOTE: IF you comment, YOU MUST COPY and PASTE this to YOUR STATUS … So I may comment on yours as well. Be a good egg and play along.

Another friend commented on my status: “It’s your roll.”

I was given Denzel Washington
Movie that I loved: Crimson Tide
Movie that I liked: Remember the Titans
If I have to choose, Movie that was OK: The Preacher’s Wife
If I have to choose, Movie I hated (it’s a strong word): Fallen
Must Mention: The Siege, and The Book of Eli
Like my status and I’ll give you an actor.

Admittedly, I have seen more films in which Drew Barrymore played.

Cindy Solomon: Women are valuable leaders in business and beyondHoly Kaw!
“The biggest challenge women face in the workplace is believing that they have achieved equality, says executive coach and author Cindy Solomon. Women are still facing challenges taking the lead both in their own businesses and working for others while ‘women leaders who really care about people are …’”

Oh my, I do like speaking with a pleasant, cute-sounding woman, and a Laughspin analysis: “What does it take for a comedian to gain mainstream success?

6 Beloved Characters That Had Undiagnosed Mental Illnesses
“While these serious illnesses may be unintended, we would be remissed to not bring them up in the most immature fashion possible….”

My parents still threaten to spank me, only I enjoy it now.

Could the Self-Inflating Tire Become a Reality?KickingTires
“Keeping your tires properly inflated is vital to maintaining the right performance, safety and fuel economy targets for your car. It’s ironic, then, that something so important is often left to the driver’s discretion — remember, too much or too little tire pressure can lead to problems.”

An opportunity we can’t afford to miss – Ezra Klein – The Washington Post

Home Standby Generator Buyers GuideHow to Pick the Perfect Home Standby Generator
“BUYER’S GUIDE: How to Pick the Perfect Home Standby Generator. Electric Generators Direct provides basic information regarding standby electric generators. Experts discuss how a home standby generators are different from portable generators.”

How dangerous is your house? [infographic] – Holy Kaw!

Lost in America – Anime & More: Steins;Gate
“Unless that was just a troll preview (from the show producers, of course). I haven’t actually ever seen previews, where do you watch the series / where did he watch the series?”

Twitter / Robin Brenner: “On a totally silly TV note, I love what they’ve done with Hardison & Parker on Leverage. Oh, Hardison. You yearn with the best of them.” … Happy Valentine’s Day, Bitterness …


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